functional solutions for milling and baking

First Blends Ltd. delivers the perfect blend of knowledge, service and innovative products that provides competitive solutions to the needs of the milling and baking industries. Founded in June 2006, we were the first manufacturers to operate a modern enzyme formulation and blending facility in sub-Saharan Africa. Backed by investors in the UK, we continue to support our customers with sophisticated and best practices. Our goal is to help our customers continually further their understanding of the science of baking. As such, we deliver value everyday by sharing our deep knowledge, offering hands-on learning at our baking academy and supporting customers with dedicated research and technical service resources so they can produce their best product with every batch. Our commitment to innovation and customer service is unrivalled, as is the quality of our products, all of which meet the food regulatory requirements in every market we serve.

what we do

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of functional ingredients to the cereal food industries in West Africa, we offer a full range of products for milling and baking. From flour correctors and additives to bread improvers, our portfolio assists customers to cost-effectively, consistently produce products with superior quality.

Additionally, we supply analytical/testing and production equipment from leading manufacturers throughout the world. Offering practical advice to support the individual needs of our customers, our team of well trained and experienced technologists develop equipment designs that meet their commercial requirements cost-effectively today and well into the future.

How we work

First Blends Ltd. closely follows local market needs and responds accordingly, offering innovative, cost effective functional solutions. We provide training to our customers at our baking academy in Ikeja, Lagos and maintain local R&D, analytical and application resources. We actively conduct trials in our bakery pilot plant to demonstrate the performance of our products and ensure our customers’ success. With a local presence we can respond promptly to our customers’ needs, from product development to trouble-shooting to just-in-time delivery, helping them minimize their inventory and reduce costs.


To be the leader in custom and proprietary functional ingredients to the milling and baking industries in West Africa. And to take Africa ahead by improving the quality and consistency of flour and flour-containing foods.


To enrich the quality of food available to West African consumers by supplying better baking solutions that are high quality, cost-effective and functional to positively impact appearance, texture and shelf-life of breads, pastas, pizzas and baked confectionary goods.

Core values

  • Customer service and satisfaction

    We are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs and honouring the commitments we have made to them.

  • Teamwork

    Our team is supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another and cares for each other both personally and professionally.

  • Respect

    We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.

  • Excellence

    We are committed to the best in quality and in everything we do.

  • Creativity

    We strive to innovate in everything from products to processes.


First Blends Ltd. provides innovations through partnership with food ingredients and baking equipments manufacturers. Through collaborative efforts, we are advancing the science of best baking practices and results. By working with other manufacturers, we develop joint solutions meeting a wide range of baking challenges.

We have entered into collaborative efforts with Breatec b.v., a Dutch food biotechnology firm specializing in baking technology. Through this partnership, we are developing new “green” products that are sustainable and produce excellent baking results.

Additionally we also represent Brabender ( a leading German company for development, manufacturing and distribution of instruments and equipments for food industries all around the world. Through this partnership we are providing products that are robust and accurate which help in producing consistent results.

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